Riff Police! Pull Over! #63: Slayer Vs Kreator!

Released through Noise Records in 1987, “Terrible Certainty” is the third studio record from German Thrash Metallers Kreator. It was recorded in Horus Studio in Hannover Germany under the watchful eye of producer Roy Rowland while Ghost were clearly influenced by the artwork of Phil Lawvere. Guitarist, vocalist and principle songwriter Miland “Mille” Petrozza is a German of Italian from Calabria descent and has appeared on tracks from Edguy, Caliban and even Volbeat.

Recorded between September and October 1984 before being released in March 1985 via Metal Blade came arguably a classic among classics in “Hell Awaits” from Slayer. Some have even described it as the true beginning of the American Thrash Metallers as it represents the bands first non-self-financed release with Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel getting together a recording budget for the band for the first time. Putting together the guitars were the much loved pairing of Hanneman and King and while many don’t think “Kill Again” is a carrier highlight, it certainly remains an album one. The question is, can you hear “Kill Again” in “Terrible Certainty”?

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