The Black Map #68: Values from Leeds!

In something of a rule breaking surprise move that no-one saw coming, we’re going to stay in Leeds for the second week in a row! Who makes the rules anyway? Meh. Our journey around the UK Underground Metal Scene otherwise known as The Black Map is here to show some love to Melodic Metalcore quintet Values! They’ve been sharing stages with the likes of Australian Metalcore titans In Hearts Wake, The Word Alive, Gideon and Lotus Eater over the past 18 months and with their sophomore album “Recovery” appearing in May their future looks bright! It’s the follow up to 2016’s debut “Broken Nation” and will see the band joining Faces of Eve for a trio of shows at the end of August. Which is ironic because they have a logo on their “We’re All Masked” long sleeve that depicts the same pantomime style mask that Faces of Eve were using until recently in their promo and live show. Their video for “Glass Houses” was shot at The Key Club in Leeds while supporting The Word Alive, while the record itself is inspired by the loss of friend Danny Carter who sadly took his own life, a re-working of the his story in which he recovers to conquer his personal demons. The message and one we can all standby. We’re in this together so if you need help, seek it. You only need ask.


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