Review: “Necessary Evil” EP by 25th Mission

There is a lot of talent in Long Island New York. Retro Metal quartet 25th Mission who have a love for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Metallica up to and including “And Justice For All” are comprised of drummer James Baldasano, bassist Vinney Carollo, guitarist Pat Picarsic and vocalist Mikey Deyhley. Having started out last year, they want to bring to you some of what they love.

The sound of 25th Mission is bass heavy in the mix as “Hit ’em Again” kicks in wearing the aforementioned Iron Maiden influence on its sleeve. It’s most apparent in Deyhley’s vocal style with lines regularly closing with a higher pitched resonated out word or phrase. Musically there are plenty of obvious influences as as well, the Metallica esq back drop to the mid song verse before the face melting solo is a fine piece of work. The gang chante “Hit ’em Again” will no doubt go down well live. There is a hint at Guns n’ Roses in “Bitchin'” with Deyhley’s vocal and the chorus to “So don’t come bitchin’ to me” having that quick and dry delivery. Despite having only one guitarist there is still plenty of well timed solo work and lead flourishes throughout the EP while the little bass solos are sublime.

“Bullet In The Chamber” takes a similar stance with the deeper backing vocal adding a bit more weight to the delivery of the lyrics. “LOCKED and loaded… Don’t you know this bullet’s for you?” is the question in the more personal lyric. The drum sound is well suited to the Retro Metal style and this one has the stand out kit performance as well as the riffs to match. The Jazzy timed Hard Rock funk of the introduction of “Shakedown” is a fine pallette cleanser in the context of the EP and when it comes back for the chorus its all about the fun. Things get solo heavy in a Santana kind of with a free flowing almost improvisational section that flows through tastefully before the final chorus. Switching back to the earlier stylings “Lunacy’s Son” has that classic Thrash of Anthrax in a 70 second long intro dominated by repeating riffs in concentric circles to set the tone. The use of the backing vocal almost gang chant gives a really nice contrast to the higher pitched main vocals and things race out of control for the electrifying solo. As a piece of throwback nostalgia, 25th Mission have achieved their target! [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Hit ’em Again
  2. Bitchin’
  3. Bullet In The Chamber
  4. Shakedown
  5. Lunacy’s Son

“Necessary Evil” by 25th Mission is out now


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