Throwback: “Crown Of Phantoms” by Chimaira!

Following the news last week that Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter has been diagnosed and is undergoing treatment for Thyroid Cancer, we decided it was only fitting for us to bring back one of our favourite tunes from the Cleveland Ohio bruisers. The title track of the only album to feature a line up of Austin D’Amond, Jeremy Creamer, Sean Zatorsky, Emil Werstler, and Matt Szlachta alongside Mark Hunter, “Crown of Phantoms” is a fine album. While we could have chosen something else like “Power Trip”, the brutal “Nothing Remains” or even “Year Of The Snake” but it kind of seems fitting with the underdog spirit that a tune from one of the lesser lights of heaven is the choice. You can read the full article about the diagnosis and treatment of Mark Hunter here. Good luck brother, our thoughts are with you.

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