Throwback: “Recreate” from Born Of Osiris!

If there was one album that deserved a 10th Anniversary tour then it has to be “The Discovery” from Born Of Osiris. Crossing the territories of DJent, Deathcore and Progressive Metalcore it’s the only album from the Chicago Illinois natives to feature guitarist Jason Richardson (All That Remains, Chelsea Grin) who is credited with writing and performing the solos. So whether he’d be interested in appearing on the tour as a guest if there is no bad blood remaining would be intriguing to find out. It is however true to say that Lee McKinney has stepped out of his shadow since and owns that role. Our favourite cut from the album was originally entitled “Wheaton” and with a music video directed by Andrew Pulaski, “Recreate” has racked up 1.9m million views on YouTube.

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