Throwback: “Deathbox” from Mnemic!

Back in 2004 Danish Metallers Mnemic put down a gauntlet for the Industrial Metal scene with “The Audio Injected Soul” appearing via Nuclear Blast. Formed six years earlier in Aalborg and creating music that crosses sub-genres to formulate their own “Future Fusion Metal” hybrid sound Mnemic took their name from an acronym for ‘Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation’. Five albums in 9 years and a revolving door of musicians including Tony Jelencovich of Transport League fame as a vocalist for a year and Guillaume Bideau of Scarve fame for seven took its toll with the project going on hiatus at the end of 2013. If they don’t come back, career highlights include our pick for the day “Deathbox” as well as “Psykorgasm” which features a guest appearance from Jeff Walker of Carcass and “Blood Stained”


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