Live Review: Arcaeon w/Transients & Flight Of Eden @ Facebar, Reading

Tonight is a special night at Reading Facebar. Not only was it Arcaeon Guitarist Sam Machin’s birthday yesterday but it’s also Vocalist Stuart Sarre’s birthday tomorrow. So it’s a party and the atmosphere is a relaxed one in their home town. It’s Sunday night and the feeling is right, even without Foreign Pact who have dropped off the bill without our knowledge prior to the doors opening. For those not in the know, we’ve followed Arcaeon since we saw them at the Sub89 return of The Arusha Accord in 2017 and they were jaw droppingly good.

Flight Of Eden [7/10] were described post set by Gecko as “what Howard Jones era Killswitch Engage would sound like if they went Tech”. Which is high praise indeed. That’s particularly the case in the vocal department and while during the first song the cleans are a little strained they improve as the set goes on with “The Machine” being an absolute banger. Vocalist Kurt Jones showcases his range with a couple of Deathcore roars and their set could easily have gone on for a couple more because it’s good stuff.

Transients [9/10] were described by Gecko post set as being “The UK’s equivalent of Polaris” and they waste no time in getting straight to the point. A new drummer graces the stool after approximately an hour’s rehearsal with the band and and nails it from the very start. The band are happy to be here, no more so than bassist Josh Sparkes who loves every moment. Sharing a new song and singing happy birthday along with the audience to Sam Machin is a wonderful moment. Songs like “Wild Fire” and “Enemies Within” bring the venue to life like blue touch paper being lit, Transients Tech Infused Melodic Metalcore is a mighty fine time.

It’s been a couple of months since we saw Arcaeon [9/10] at Radar Festival in Guildford in August and as with their set then we are treated to a collection of the Progressive Tech Metallers new songs from their upcoming debut full length as well as cuts from “Balance”. It might seem like a bold move to play so many new and as yet unreleased songs but as it goes tonight is as much a showcase as well as a birthday celebration and the new songs are nothing short of sublime. There is an ease and effortless grace to the bands performance as if they’ve been playing the new songs for a hundred shows and with the likes of “Heretic” they manage to match the balance between the heavy and melodic which they found so well with their debut. It’s all smiles as well with 6 string bassist Eifion Sweet having to move out of the way mid song for Machin and Thomas to stand side by side for a piece of lead work in a classic rock style. If there was ever a going places band to be witnessed and begging for your attention, it’s without a doubt Arcaeon. Their future is so bright it’s unbelievable.

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