Exclusive Interview: Derange on “Senses Part One” and a desire to play Wacken!

There has been something of a hive of activity around London Tech-Metal infused Alternative Metallers Derange of late. A post Tech-Fest tour run with Valis Ablaze, a new EP in “Senses Part One” and a compilation of material entitled “Disturb The Atoms” including an exclusive track called “The Hunted” appearing on the cover of Metal Hammer Magazine has all been gratefully received. We’ve known about their talent for ages but sometimes it’s just all about timing, you know? So after we reviewed their EP, we had a chat with them about their World.

Singles “Runaway” and “Divide” have both been out for a year and six months respectively. They’re both great tracks but did you ever think of not including them on “Senses Part One”? Oh not including them wasn’t an option haha! When we wrote those tracks we knew we wanted them to represent the band’s new chapter and sound. And they did that! 
It must be pretty special to get reviewed in the printer press so it must be even more special to have a compilation of your songs on the cover of Metal Hammer Magazine? How did that come about? It’s surreal! As an upcoming band, we truly value everyone that takes a chance on us, and the fact that Metal Hammer is one of them, it’s incredible. Our PR approached us with this offer and we couldn’t say no could we?
Playing the afterparty at Tech-Fest in August must have been a special moment. Do you have more festival or one day appearances lined up for 2020? If you could cherry pick a couple of festivals in Europe to play, which would you pick? Tech-Fest was so much fun, we always wanted to play it. Who knows we might be back in 2020? We have a few exciting live announcements lined up  for next year so keep your eyes peeled!
Of course our main choice would be Download, that’s the dream of any up and coming band! Wacken and  Rock Am Ring would be awesome to play too! We couldn’t leave out Bloodstock Festival, such a great Festival! Who knows maybe next year…. 😉
In our review of “Senses Part One” we highlighted the vocal range on “Higher” as making a real impression. Have you ever had people ask you to cut the uncleans or adversely inject more of them? While writing the new material, we focused on what the songs needed rather than what we wanted  from the songs…. if that makes sense? I think everything in  regards to ‘Higher’ was quite natural, we mutually agreed where the clean vocals and screams would fit.  At the beginning we never thought it was ever  gonna become one our  most popular tracks! 
What does “Senses Part Two” have in store for us? Was there ever any thought to making a full length album rather than an EP? It was supposed to be a full length album, but then we thought, why not divide it into 2 parts? It gives us a chance to stay on top and not lose momentum. We want to give each of our songs a moment to shine and dividing it into 2 parts was the best decision. 
Has the complex nature of the musicanship in the sound of Derange always been something you’ve strived to maintain? Have their been calls for you to do a more “straight up” song?
I think in comparison to our previous album, our sound became more “straight up”. We pushed harder on catchy choruses and melodies that would cause an ear worm on people, but always keep true to our sound. 

“Senses Part One” by Derange is out now

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