NEWS: Within Nostalgia share “Death Lifes’ Lover”!

From North Bay in Canada, Within Nostalgia have put together a gritty video for their single “Death Lifes’ Lover” from their recently released “Conjuring A New Reality” EP of album length. Combining elements of Metal and Grunge with nods to Agalloch, Katatonia and Fen, “Conjuring A New Reality” is available over at bandcamp

The band says about the album: “’Conjuring A New Reality’ as a whole covers much musical ground in terms of sound. Peaks and valleys emerge, evoking vast emotions. We want to create something that allows fans to expand their minds as well as think and feel life and all its highs and lows.”

On the track, frontwoman and songwriter Alyssa Broere:“With its catchy hook and thought-provoking lyrical concept, this one is always a favorite for us to play as well. Amongst the catchiness and melody, the bridge brings forth a death metal feel that segues back into the melody.”

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