The Black Map #82: Circle Of Reason from Southampton!

Having shared stages with literally everyone from Weaponry favourites InMe and Heart Of A Coward to of all people UB40 since their 2011 formation, Southampton natives Circle Of Reason are an Alternative quartet who have received some Underground critical acclaim. After releasing at hatful of singles and a pair of EPs they reached the milestone full debut album moment with the near 30 minute 7 track “Faith Or Theory” in May 2016. Having been inactive with vocalist Simon welcoming a new baby, their return with a new lyric video for “Tie Up The Sky” is a timely reminder of their talent. So 2020 could well see a new EP from them having previously paved their own way as a formidable DIY and independently releasing outfit. Moulding a myriad of influences from hard-rock, progressive metal and alternative rock genres into their own unique sound, there is some proper Metal edge to this one.

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