Throwback: “Better Days” by God Forbid!

The recent clutch of bands getting back together after calling it a night has led to a fair amount of speculation and when former God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle, who is now enjoying success in Bad Wolves was asked about the possibility he said “I’ve [got] low confidence in how many give a s*** to be honest“. What?! Weren’t God Forbid the band that delivered the “To the Fallen Hero” that won the Independent Music Award for Best Heavy Metal Song in 2007? Weren’t God Forbid the band that scored a big single with “Antihero”? Isn’t 2005’s end of the World concept album “IV: Constitution of Treason” one of the finest concept albums of that era? Here’s a reminder of God Forbid and to God Forbid. We do give a s*** gentleman! You can read Doc Coyle’s interview here

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