The Black Map #85: GroundCulture from Newcastle upon Tyne!

Calling themselves five segments of the same vision vocalist Roy Watson, guitarists Lewi Shoulder and Mattie Turner, drummer Josh Murphy and bassist George Collings are GroundCulture, a band on a mission to inspire change through connection. Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, the home of Starve To Survive and signed to Hopeless Records, the home of Glaswegian wrecking ball Lotus Eater, GroundCulture like a number of bands in the same boat are sat on wealth of unreleased material so 2020 should be their year. They joined the last three dates of the October IssuesBeautiful Oblivion” tour to critical acclaim and with savagely good fun cuts like “Life Won’t Wait” it’s no surprise. Their debut LP was written back in February before an April run in the US with Cane Hill and Varials so we’re still jamming their now one year old self titled release. Just push play. You know you want to. Dr Pepper, what’s the worst that could happen?!

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