Exclusive Interview: Jigokü talk debut EP “Hate:Speech”!

Last week we reviewed the brilliant “Hate:Speech” by Jigokü and with a few questions in mind, we were lucky enough to be granted an audience with them for an exclusive interview. If you’re not familiar with their work then lets just say… the Budapest Hungary based quartet have been working with Harmed guitarist Gabor Toth at Ghostship Recordings and they love to vent about everyday frustrations…

Hate:Speech” is a wonderfully vicious little EP. Did you ever think about re-recording “Third Cross” and “Molten Glass” to appear on it after the vocalist change from Ádám Balogh to Ádám Antalfi, or was the plan always to leave those songs as stand alone ones? Well, we didn’t think about that yet. Maybe some day we will do a re-issue of it but we won’t change the tracks dramatically, maybe just add to it. We will see in the future!

From your biography and then listening to “Hate:Speech” it seems like having Dávid Szekeres on board is something that has evolved to him having a much larger role in the band? Have any of the other members been involved in that programming aspect that is key to your sound? If you mean programming the drums, than we can say that it’s totally the work of Dávid. As far as we can remember, we only said things like this part needs a fast or slower beat and that’s all. The only thing which really changed is that he’s been rehearsing with us since then.

We love that there are numerous styles of guitar work in the EP, with bits of Metallic Hardcore and Death Metal riffs in the mix. Is that something which was a conscious decision or was that just a natural thing? Gergely and Gábor are the main songwriters, but anyone from the band can come up with some ideas (and fortunately they do). We love many styles and bands, so it’s natural for us to write songs like this. We don’t care if it’s death metal, hardcore or anything else as long as we feel that it fits into our music. We want to be heavy, noisy and varied. We think there will be surprises in the future as well… 🙂

How did you find working with Harmed guitarist Gabor Toth at Ghostship Recordings? He’s been building a solid reputation for himself.
Well, for our new singer it was a bit weird for the first time but he was just a bit anxious. After a few minutes in the tracking process, we became very comfortable with each other and it turned out to be a great and honorable experience – especially when we ended the vocal tracking stage and started to make the additional sample noises from scratch. That part was the most fun because we barely had any ideas. All of the sampler add-ons were made on the fly and we have to thank that for Gábor, for taking a very big part out of that process. He is full of ideas and talent so if he reads this: THANKS BROTHER!

What’s next for Jigoku? Going forward do you have plans to play live? Who would you like to share stages with? The first thing now for us is rehearsing as much as we can, so a few months later we can start doing shows the way we want – that is the most important for us now! We don’t have strict ideas of who to share the stage with, but let’s hope there will be opportunities to play with great bands to great audiences.

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