Review: “Warren Of Necrosis” EP by Black Rabbit

A lack of metal bands in Apeldoorn Netherlands saw guitar playing duo Jelle Bekelmans and Hidde Holfland join forces to create their own music. Inspired by the likes of Megadeth, Obituary and Death to name but a few, they formulated their own thrashing death metal sound; fast-paced and groove laden. They are joined by Max Hendrix on drums and Pieter Beemsterboer completing the group on bass and vocals to form Black Rabbit. Here’s our review of their debut EP “Warren Of Necrosis“…

In Beemsterboer, Black Rabbit posses a vocalist who produces manic schizophrenic ranting vocals while will remind you of Dave Mustaine on “Sweating Bullets” in styling as if he’d sucked down two cans of Monster having been locked in a coffin for a week. The guitar sound of “La Bestia” is classic Thrash infused Death Metal with hints of “Arise” era Sepultura with a modern production value and high quality recording. It’s well constructed so that it has not only great flow but many a nuance. Slowing things down for meloncholic introduction before a brief Primus esq bass moment “Internal Black” then launches us headlong into lyrics about Death being the only way out while the pulsating frenetic riffs energise the whole thing. Not being afraid of the whammy bar they throw in some dive bombs and a ripper of a solo. Naming a track after your band name or vice versa can be a tricky business, especially if the cut isn’t a fan favourite. Fortunately as Hendrix lays down a marching beat and Beemsterboer begins a tale about a Satanic Black Rabbit in fine storytelling style, it becomes clear that what the band have created isn’t just a song and a name, but a mascot and symbol from which they can be recognised going forward. The riffs are firmly rooted in Bay Area Thrash and if it wasn’t for those demonic unclean vocals and their slight accenting, the band could be from anywhere in the World. “A Pain Profound” continues the evil in fine form with no let up in the quality on show. As lyrically venomous as the vocals are biting, Beemsterboer’s prayer to God for another chance is one of those moments most will resonate with before his demonic roar closes the chapter soaked in feedback. If this is just the beginning then the future is so bright it will burn [8/10]

Track listing

  1. La Bestia
  2. Internal Black
  3. Black Rabbit
  4. A Path Profound

Warren Of Necrosis” by Black Rabbit is out now


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