Throwback: “Edgecrusher” by Fear Factory!

It’s been five long years since the last Fear Factory record “Genexus” dropped in 2015 and following various legal disputes and drama which have surrounded the band for as long as we can remember, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting anything new from them in the foreseeable future. That being said, all the members of the band have been active in their own right, Burton C. Bell appearing on the recent Pitchshifter remix EP and Dino Cazares appearing at this years NAMM. Our first introduction to the Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metallers came in 1998 with the arrival of their third studio album “Obsolete” which became the band’s highest selling album, achieving Gold sales in the U.S. which may have had something to do with the band recording a heavier version of 80’s synth pop track “Cars” by Gary Numan for the digipak version. The timelines may have been subsequently blurred by the release of “Concrete” retrospectively but it was “Edgecrusher” that got our attention. The track appeared on a cover attached compilation CD with Kerrang! Magazine and got us hooked with it’s brutal riffs and the work of DJ Zodiac though it has to be said that as an album “Archetype” in 2004 was the one that made us see the light.

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