Throwback: “Firestorm” by Earth Crisis!

Recorded between 14th and 16th June 1993 but only surfacing via Victory Records on 1st June 1995, “Firestorm” is a four track EP from the legendary Hardcore act Earth Crisis, arguably one of the forefathers of the current Metallic Hardcore scene. The EPs title track is a live staple 27 years after its recording and that is testament to the Syracuse New Yorkers work ethic. The EP was recorded at Mars Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio with Earth Crisis and studio owner Bill Korecky splitting the production duties. Dennis Merrick graced the drum stool with Mike Riccardi was unable to commit himself to touring and the band went on the create what at the time was considered a controversial release which has gone on to be a highly influential one. Earth Crisis had a better production value and used stuccato riffage from Scott Crouse to counteract Karl Buechner’s savage unclean vocals to create what is now the Metallic Hardcore sound. It was the lyrics however that drew the most criticism as they took inspiration from the story of Scott Cody, a Black Panther from South Los Angeles who ended up in jail after fighting drug dealers…

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