Review: “Current Towards End” EP by Downcross

The Belarusian Black Metal duo of vocalist and drummer Ldzmr and guitarist Dzmtr have received some critical acclaim for both their debut “Mysteries of Left Path” and sophomore album “What Light Covers Not”. Downcross have been nothing short of prolific when it comes to writing, releasing both of those albums in 2019. Both records were produced, mixed and mastered to a very high standard, allowing the duo’s undoubted talent to shine through with gravitational power, tasteful hooks and mood shifting music. Blending the abrasive and the thunderous, the longer instrumental sections on the second album were seriously impressive. Now they’re back just 7 months later with a brand new EP “Current Towards End“.

Continuing very much where they left off, Downcross guitarist Dzmtr opens up the throttle on “Where Veil Of Flesh Will Tear” with a Thrash riff that transforms before your very ears into its true Black Metal form with drummer Ldzmr producing ever changing drum patterns that are furiously addictive. There are a number of distinct influences within track, which may alienate some Black Metal purists but the craftsmanship in each track is of an unbelievably high quality and will no doubt not only gain them fans but also make them a gateway band into the Black Metal genre. Slowing down the tempo for a brooding introduction to “War Maiden Of The Worlds” before it gathers momentum and becomes a snarling, venom fueled affair. The vocals from drummer Ldzmr are as throat splitting as they home, during some of the growls, his voice becomes the black hole that threatens to crush Kingdoms in its wake. That being said, the music itself is more melodic than it is abrasive and the contrast strikes a mighty fine balance. A bracing wintery melody of the kind created in Norwegian Forests anchored with blast beats and a deep sense of Meloncholy form the backbone of “Lord Of The Dark Sun Force“. This helps create a gripping atmosphere of epic grandeur as the the track sores like the best of its genre. That vocal intensity continues into the title track which slows the pace down to allow for a more celestial sound. The undercurrent of rumbling double bass kicks keeps that sinister edge while the arpeggios help create a shrouded in darkness feel that is impressive [8/10]


  1. Where Veil Of Flesh Will Tear
  2. War Maiden Of The Worlds
  3. Lord Of The Dark Sun Force
  4. Current Towards End

Current Towards End” by Downcross is out now and available over at bandcamp

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