Throwback: “What Comes Around” by Ill Niño!

Following the news that after a year long legal battle Latin American Alternative Nu-Metal act Ill Niño will continue on with just two original members in drummer Dave Chavarri (Terror Universal, Pro-Pain) and bassist Lazaro Pina, which you can read about here, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane to their 450k selling debut album “Revolution, Revolución”. Released by Roadrunner Records in 2001, it was recorded at Showplace Studios in Dover, New Jersey, it saw a trio of singles in “God Save Us“, “Unreal” and “What Comes Around” get plenty of MTV airplay while the later got remixed to appear in the Paul W.S. Anderson directed first Resident Evil film starring Milla Jovovich.

Here’s the thing. While we really enjoyed that album, by the time 2003 rolled around, the dulcet tones of Brazilian vocalist Cristian Machado venting his spleen in both English and Spanish was beginning to get old. That’s not a dig at the quality of his vocals, which are outstanding, more over the lyrical content. The follow up album “Confession” has it’s moments but in the absence of a pair of key performers in both now Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo and percussionist Roger Vasquez, they just weren’t the same band. Maybe the new line up will recapture the fire of old and bring a return to the Latin infused Metal sounds? Apparently we’re going to find our real soon as this new line up are putting the finishing touches together for a new EP. You can read more about that here.

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