Review: “Averse to the Universe” EP by Hex Wound

Taking elements of Black, Death and Extreme Metal and putting them together to create something of haunting atmosphere and crushing intensity, North Carolina based Hex Wound formed in 2019 and unleashed their first plague in the form of single “Void Of Suffering” on the World a year later. Little did we know then but vocalist Cast and multi instrumentalist Bind were working on their debut EP “Averse to the Universe” with a guest drummer known simply as Blacksmith. They take their inspiration from the likes of Dark Funeral, The Legion and Morbid Angel and with this release explore themes from the current age of derision: subversion of the politically correct, sacrifice without cost and the clarity found in suffering…

Furious blast beats light the blue touch paper of “Atomic Afterbirth” and watch the trail of fuel burn all the way to the gasoline tank before the explosion, adorned with an evil grin. The track is a tour de force when it comes to how to combine styles effortlessly within a single track. For the most part a relentless onslaught of Death Metal riffs, coupled with pummelling Black Metal drumming and vocals that sonically turn rocks to dust, all wrapped up with deadly precision and a bow, it’s an explosion of sound that may take you by surprise the first time around. Title track “Averse to the Universe” combines the guitar stylings a little more, having the atmosphere of Black Metal and the furious edge of Naglfar, while you hold on for dear life as it drags you kicking and screaming by the hair through its rapid fire metronomic perfection. Blacksmith is a powerhouse drummer and the attention to detail in every aspect of the musicianship here is incredible. There are nuances that pop out of the mix across multiple listens that you just don’t get the first time around, largely because you’re too busy holding onto your hat. Slowing things down half a notch for the filthy dark opening of  “Horror Form” is genius as it gives that moment of breathing space before things kick back into gear once more. The momentary almost Gothic clean lines of the previous track make way for new found Demonic lows in this one as Cast gargles with the blood of his victims. Sonically attacking in waves, the blunt force aggression of this is pure evil and has something in common with the likes of Enterprise Earth in that respect. Buzzsaw guitars light up the horror soundscape that is “Void of Suffering“, a brutal and bloody song that sees Hex Wound show off their signature sound in its true form. How Blacksmith manages the precision of the drum sound at this pace and with this level of complexity is jaw dropping, not to mention Bind’s dedication to the riffs. Fingers have bled in the creation of this and you might find yourself asking “What the hell did I just hear?” [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Atomic Afterbirth
  2. Averse to the Universe
  3. Horror Form
  4. Void of Suffering

Averse to the Universe” EP by Hex Wound is out 2nd June and available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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