Review: “Cry Havok” EP by Gutlocker

We’ve covered enough goings on from the grumpy four-piece Metal band from a quaint Surrey town full of alien tripods known as Woking, who are well-armed with gnarly riffs and posh accents without reviewing their debut EP. After all, they’re working on a full length record so it only seems right that two and two make five. Who are they? Vocalist Craig McBrearty, guitarist Paul Tucker, bassist Ben Rollinson and drummer Deano Walker make up the star studded cast of Gutlocker.

Recorded, mixed and mastered expertly by Leigh Gordine, this gem of an EP gets off to a flyer with “Bitter Memory“. McBrearty rants and raves while shredding his throat to within an millimeter of blow out, while the Tucker produces a riff fest or Raging Speedhorn like sludge tones with the balls out aggression of a man on a mission to bring the apocalypse to town. There are a few clear Pantera influences in the driven downtuned riffs but make no mistake, Gutlocker are very much their own band. “NO Burden” sees McBrearty showcase a bit more of his range – rabid, angry, guttural, screeching, it’s all here with the clenched fist of defiance. McBrearty could easily be in any Metal band – he has the range to be in Black Metal if he wanted too. The quartet aren’t afraid to change direction either with some groove riffs that tempo shift and play with some interesting rhythmic elements. Bassist Ben Rollinson and drummer Deano Walker get a full work out on “Stuck” that drives home nails into the coffins of the naysayers with an infectious chorus. Saving the best to last “Welcome to F***town” is the epitome of what Gutlocker are about. Mid tempo chugging groove riffs with that raw energy of a live performance, complete with a thunderous rhythm section. If you’re not standing up and roaring the title back at the band when they’re playing live, then there is no place for you in the venue. Gutlocker’s cover of “Deeper Underground” by Jamiraqui isn’t on this EP but instead a stand alone track with a hilarious video. Seeing as it’s highly unlikely to be on the bands full length debut album – we’re giving it a mention here – because it’s nothing short of brilliant. Making it their own by mimicking the synth sounds of the original with their trademark guitar sound, Gutlocker have put together a furious version of the track that tempo shifts neatly, slowing down to allow for gang chants and McBrearty’s riotous vocals. Groove Metal with attitude, best served with a pint! [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Bitter Memory
  2. NO Burden
  3. Stuck
  4. Welcome to F***town
  5. Deeper Underground (Jamiraqui Cover)

Cry Havoc” by Gutlocker is out now and available over at bandcamp

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