Review: “Eternal Hustle” EP by Fortunes

A Heavy Hardcore act out of San Antonio Texas, Fortunes have been bringing the heat since 2013. Having called time on the band after one last show in August 2016, they resurrected the band two years later with a self titled EP landing in September 2019 including single “No Remorse” which features a guest appearance John Ramos of Snakefather. A month later they took to the stage for the first time since returning and subsequent shows with Upon A Burning Body and PissPoor have lead to “Eternal Hustle” marking their sophomore EP.

Imagine for a minute that you took Hatebreed, let Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Body Count, Fit For An Autopsy) produce, mix and master their work. The result would be a Metallic Hardcore sound with pace, energy and a satisfying crunch with catchy lyrics and powerhouse percussion. That sound is what Fortunes have achieved with “Eternal Hustle“, from the moment that “War Cloud” kicks in with the ferocious roars of vocalist Steve Rico. The fist clenched positivity of strength in the face of adversity runs through this track like a a river to the sea and it makes for a rip roaring start to “Eternal Hustle“. The gallop of “Sink Or Swim” builds on that lyrical theme with the persistence to earn what you want being the sound track to any Metal Head’s work out and the cannon fire breakdown section to bring it to a close adds that pulsating edge. Pre-release single “Southern Hustle” brings home the bacon with staccato riffs and a sound very much reminiscent of “Cover Your Tracks” era Bury Your Dead. Close your eyes and you can see the circle pits kicking off like tornadoes at shows. As with most of the EP, this is about short, sharp shocks of Metallic Hardcore, in and out like an armed robbery. “Money, Happiness & Power” is an older track that has survived the test of time and been re-recorded for this fresh offering. It doesn’t sound out of place either, packing the punch of a stick of dynamite in the rhythm section and that classic Hardcore lyric that is instantly recognisable, addictive and repeatable. It’s extended run time with a slow down gives Rico the opportunity add some elongated roars, which bleed into the opening of “Reality Check“, during which he airs his feelings on the American Dream no longer being reality. Some perfectly timed tempo shifts and guitar squeals making this one another high quality cut. The adrenaline rush of “Worthless“, a song about living for the better days and taking nothing for granted is the icing on the cake. A powerhouse cut with pummelling kit work, it decimates the opposition by doing Metallic Hardcore the way it should be done. And whoever told Steve Rico he was worthless – they’re wrong – he’s an inspiration [8/10]

Track listing

  1. War Cloud
  2. Sink Or Swim
  3. Southern Hustle
  4. Money, Happiness & Power
  5. Reality Check
  6. Worthless

Eternal Hustle” by Fortunes is out 15th May via Goodjunkie Records and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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