Review: “Pushing Through Somber Depths” EP by Exist Among

Unleashing their self titled album in 2017 with the tag line “Exist Among churns out doomish bone crushing music. No gimmicks. No bulls***. Just in your face heavy f***in tunes“, the Long Island New York trio of Marc Morello (Guitar and Vocals), Scott Casey (Bass), Thomas McCrone (Drums) set their stall out with seven cuts that takes influences from everything from Thrash Kings Slayer to Grunge Masters Alice In Chains and back again. Returning with their sophomore EP “Pushing Through Somber Depths“, co-produced, mixed and engineered by Eddie Combs of Leeds Point, they’re back with three more.

Taking on a typically Thrash lyrical theme for “Damaged” with hints at post traumatic stress syndrome and visions of war, Morello croons like and aged Chris Cornell, while moving through riffs that range from Soundgarden during the verses to Exhorder in between. It’s a cut with depth and texture that gives you something to think about long after the riffs have gone and could easily be on the Jukebox of a biker bar. The bass heavy introduction of “Last Of Days” brings that Doom atmospheric with the slow crush of mental anguish. Morello lays down some lead moments while building into some Thrash riffs from the slower drudge of Doom before cutting back with consummate skill. McCrone delivers the goods on this one with some solid percussive work that touches on the tribal while giving the whole track a drive and energy while keeping it shrouded in darkness. The chainsaw gets back to cutting with “War Within These Walls” offering some more traditional Thrash lyrical themes of War and social awareness while bringing the head banging riffs with a satisfying crunch. It’s powerful, heavy and deep [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Damaged
  2. Last Of Days
  3. War Within These Walls

Pushing Through Somber Depths” by Exist Among is out now and available over at bandcamp

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