Review: “Reign Of Terror” EP by Vesicarum

Taking their name from the Latin for ‘fester‘, Kent Death Metal quintet Vesicarum originally began as a solo project for frontman Glynn Neve back in 2016 before evolving into a full band in 2018 with guitarist duo Martin Shipton and James Thompson and a rhythm section of bassist Orla Blue Reed and drummer Donal McGee. Making their debut with “Reign Of Terror“, a concept release of sorts with a central spine of hatred orientating around sinister lyrical tales of serial killers steeped in music the band themselves describe as “an adrenaline rush that is a great escape from the stresses and strains of life” it’s time to check out what the voices inside Glynn Neve’s head have to say…

…an atmospheric introduction sets the tone for “Reign Of Terror” with just a hint of Metallica in style alone before building up with a big bass chug into the track proper. A raw ripper of a cut it sees Neve paint himself as a consummate storyteller with a barked style that would usually be associated with a Hardcore Punk style but suits this Death Metal montage well. Staccato riff breaks and big cymbal crashes set the path for the violent lyrics of murderous intent with a couple of mid tempo gear shifts that allow space to breathe. “The Sick And Depraved” continues the first person serial killer lyrical onslaught with an off spoken word bark and a raw guitar tone to match it off. This one has a distinctive breakdown section that is well worked and headbangable good fun. A sinister churning riff is at the heart of the Slayer esq “Midnight Slasher” that looks at everyone with a blood thirsty grin while saying “F*** you, I’m in a state of hate” as it charges headlong into oblivion. A fist pumping, chantable anthem, it could be the next single. If the earlier tracks didn’t have the red warning light lit then “Early Warning Signs Of A Serial Killer” says it on the tin with some unexpected growls and a couple of fine solos that lift the mid tempo riff chugs to a new level. It’s not so much a warning sign as the admission that a transformation is taking place, born of pure hatred and is evil good fun. The dripping sounds accompanied by chains hitting concrete of “Undivine End” sound like they are cut straight from a horror film and will make for a brilliant live set introduction, indeed if it wasn’t for the glorious introduction of the EP title track itself, it could have been switched from back to front [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Reign Of Terror
  2. The Sick And The Depraved
  3. Midnight Slasher
  4. Early Warning Signs Of A Serial Killer
  5. Undivine End

Reign Of Terror” EP by Vesicarum is out now

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