Playthrough: “Demolisher” from Slaughter To Prevail!

Recorded at Skylark Recording Studio, Slaughter To Prevail drummer Evgeny Novikov has thrown down the gauntlet with a playthrough for video for “Demolisher” that also doubles up as an instrumental that aspiring Deathcore vocalists can use to record vocal covers to. The way that Eissa from Morphide is doing exactly that, you can probably expect her rendition of the cut…. this time next week?!

Zildjian Cymbals Set Up on this video:

  • 14 Zildjian K Hi-hat
  • 10 Zildjian K Custom Dark Splash
  • 9,5 Zildjian Zil-bell
  • 7.5 Volcano Cup Zil-Bell
  • 10 Zildjian A Custom Splash
  • 17 Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
  • 18 Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
  • 21 Zildjian A Megabell
  • 18 Oriental Trash China


  • Superstar Dual Hyper Drive 22-10-12-16


  • Trick Dominator

Roland TM-2 with Roland RT-30K

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