Review: “Lasting Resentment” by Corrosion

Currently a trio looking for a vocalist, Corrosion are a Nu-Hardcore band from Dallas, Texas formed in 2019. Since releasing their debut single “No Future” in June of that year, they’ve landed a variety of gigs, sharing stages across their home state, most notably with Falcifer, Oceano and Wolf King. However after their debut album “Lasting Resentment” was completed and before it was released, they lost their vocalist and bassist, leaving Guitarist Jackson Pope and drummer Taylor South as the only members. Since then bassist Tyler Derosa has been recruited as they look to re-tool and get back on the road…

…The expectation of the Nu-Hardcore genre tag would be introspective lyrics with Hardcore groove in the vein of the likes of Varials and Unity TX and in that aspect they’re pretty accurate at doing what they say. The title track of “Lasting Resentment” has that 90’s Hardcore groove with a low slung bass drive and simple, repetitive lyrics that are going to be easily chantable live for that all important crowd interaction. It’s pit fodder and a call to arms. Stepping up the riffs with some Deathcore overtones and introducing some Jonathan Davis esq vocals “Awake” changes direction completely. Sung angst ridden lyrics with haunting punches of paranoia and insomnia are a twist on the theme with a warped sense of tension. Continuing that flow “Of Earth” uses staccato breaks to play on momentary silence and build up the tension before hammering through a single verse. It’s all about the timing which they get spot on to create the short, sharp, shock of the track and light up the middle of the record. A school yard tale of bullying sees the tale of a victim tripped and “Gravity” doing part of the damage when it comes to the bruises. Low self esteem means the fight back will happen another day and it’s all easily relatable. What makes it good musically is the way that it’s been pieced together, the percussive grooves holding everything together with a neat framework with little break outs of Black Metal blast beats or Downtempo passages that mixes it up before pulling it back to the core sounds. “Like Vultures” steps up into two step territory the majority of the classic Hardcore riff fest, again showing off that this band have tempo shifts nailed with some choice Downtempo moments in the groove. Shrill screams light up “Hung Jury” which has a Knocked Loose vibe to it, especially vocally and is a pounding rhythmic way to finish the record on a thunderous high. [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Lasting Resentment
  2. Awake
  3. Of Earth
  4. Gravity
  5. Like Vultures
  6. Hung Jury

Lasting Resentment” by Corrosion is out now and available over at bandcamp

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