NEWS: Skeletal Remains find flesh?

It might seem hard to believe but having dropped a couple of critically acclaimed albums early on in their career, it wasn’t until 2018 that Skeletal Remains were able to hit the US shoreline for touring activities. Back for more with album number four, “The Entombment Of Chaos” will drop via Century Media on 11th September with pre-orders available here. They’ve dropped a music video for “Congregation Of Flesh” as a little taster for it…

The band comment: “We gave this song to our director, Dillon Vaughn, and let him have a little fun with the narrative of the video, putting his own twist on the lyrical theme,” says singer and guitarist Chris Monroy. “It depicts a small cult giving a sacrificial offering to their verminous god in hopes of bringing forth the physical form of whom they praise. Big thanks to Anthony Vasquez, Max Ouweelen, and Harley Barden, who offered their time to help out and a special thanks to the legend Dylan Carlson of Earth for lending his hand to play our Cultist Leader.”

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