The Black Map #120: DREAMEATER from Andover!

“Yeah, an he says if I don’t drink lots of Milk, when I grow up, I’m only gonna be good enough to play for DREAMEATER!”

DREAMEATER? Who are they?

They’re a Post-Metalcore quartet from Andover who are set to drop debut EP “Bleed” firmly upon our collective skills via Famined Records (Dematerialize, Sworn Amongst) on 14th August 2020. Formed two years prior in 2018, Sam Culverwell (vocals), Lukas Tiley (Guitars), Gareth Jones (Bass) and Olly Newcombe (Drums) have released a trio of singles independently and hit the road on the UK Underground Metal circuit with the likes of Our Hollow Our Home, InVisions and even Palm Reader. As you might expect, that means angular, juddering guitars, breakdowns and heavy riffs with sprinkling of melodic chorus and some serious issues like Mental Health and fighting ones inner demons being tackled in the lyrics. What we expect is heavy in every sense of the word, what we anticipate is a slot at Tech-Fest 2021 and what we can honestly say is… This is a band you’ll want to watch.

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