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Review: “Drowning” by Indevth

“Nothing is permanent, there is only agony in the end” was the bleak tagline that accompanied the debut album “Cold” from Nu-Metalcore outfit Indevth back in 2021. The band had inked a deal with Famined Records for the release and issued no less than four pre-release singles as they created a blueprint for world domination

NEWS: Indevth continue their perpetual forward motion with “Lurk”!

Not content with surpassing 500k between EP “Bleed” and album “Cold” or playing the 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest in the summer, English Metalcore merchants Indevth have shared their heaviest offering to date. Titled  “Lurk”, the track is three minutes and thirteen seconds of raw aggression that delves into the unrelenting effects of depression and anxiety.

NEWS: Dreameater get hurt in the cold!

…with one show down and one tonight, only two remain this weekend of a run will see Dreameater in Southampton with Majin and Bristol with In Fear and Moon Reaper as they celebrate the release of new album “Cold” via Famined Records. The Gloom Metal monsters have chosen “Hurt” for a nasty black and white

NEWS: Dreameater tormented by the cold…

5th November maybe Bonfire Night, an annual retelling of the tale of the ill fated Guy Fawkes but in 2021 it also happens to be a HUGE release day Friday for Famined Records signings Dreameater who will be landing an anvil upon our skulls with a 10 track debut full length album in “Cold“. The

NEWS: Death Remains return to the stage in July!

After the success of their summer single “Self Reflection” that has passed 25k Spotify streams and was followed a tour with Incite and Sworn Amongst, the return of Death Remains to the stage has been set for July. The Metalcore quartet will be headlining five shows with Famined Records singed Dreameater, who themselves unleashed a

Review: “Bleed” by Dreameater

They may have only been formed in 2018, but Andover Post Metalcore act Dreameater have come a long way in two years. They announced themselves on the scene with a run of heavy hitting singles that allowed them to share stages with some of the biggest names on the UK Underground Metal scene in the

NEWS: Dreameater debut “In Death” with 7 days to “Bleed”!

… with just 7 days to 14th August, a date which will see Dreameater make their debut for Famined Records with “Bleed“, They have dropped a music video for single “In Death“. The band managed to squeeze in some live shows with Miscreant before lockdown and should everything be well, they’ll be joining DJentlemen In

NEWS: Dreameater announce “Bleed” with “Shatter”!

One of a number of UK bands getting snapped up by Famined Records of late, Dreameater have announced a new EP entitled “Bleed” will be released via the label who are also home to Harmed on 14th August. They will be hitting the road in December with In Fear (formerly In Fear They Follow) and