Review: “Bleed” by Dreameater

They may have only been formed in 2018, but Andover Post Metalcore act Dreameater have come a long way in two years. They announced themselves on the scene with a run of heavy hitting singles that allowed them to share stages with some of the biggest names on the UK Underground Metal scene in the likes of Our Hollow Our Home and InVisions. Another pair of singles saw the band solidify their sound and brought them to the attention of Famined Records, the label home of Dematerialize, Sworn Amongst and Reclaimer to name but a few. They inked a deal and continue to tell their back story with five brand new tracks on “Bleed” that leave behind those earlier cuts and starts a new chapter…

Genre tagging of any band is always open to interpretation and with the pummelling rhythmic groove battery of “In Death“, Dreameater bring to the table staccato riffs that pinch just below DJent while having that that Loathe esq Gloom sound and haunting segments of eerie noise that are slightly unhinged. But the track is also a teaser, offering up moments that show depth and texture with vocalist Sam Culverwell momentary touching Deathcore lows in his savage rantings. Flipping the script into title track “Bleed” that orientated around a series of Bass drops from Gareth Jones and some Post-Hardcore ambience before a powerhouse, breakdown heavy mod section delivers the crush of a wrecking ball shows more on the bands thought process behind the music. It is develops on the Mental Health struggle ridden lyrics by creating a bleak soundscape. These are echoed out in the cold piano introduction to “Shatter“, which haunts with meloncholy while punching with Lukas Tiley’s crushing riffs at the same time in polar opposite moods. What’s impressive is the skill to knit together the vocal parts without losing the atmosphere. Culverwell has a mid range barked roar, aching cleans and even a brutal Slam moment all wrapped up in a single track. It’s jaw dropping.

Similarly, “Decay” makes great use of vocal layering techniques to give the impression of at least two vocalists interplaying. The technicality on show on this one even means they have some Progressive leaning guitar moments while the downtempo breakdown moment is stunning. That complexity within the music of Dreameater is what makes them stand out above the pack. They leap Metal sub genres multiple times within each track. There is no one track that is in a single style, the band instead choosing music that backs the emotive nature of the lyrical segments in ever changing moods with closer “Eternal” being a prime example. The state of the UK Underground Metal scene is in safe hands here, Dreameater are without doubt a name to challenge some of the bigger fish in the pond. They have talent, let’s just hope they get the chance to shine [8/10]

Track listing

  1. In Death
  2. Bleed
  3. Shatter
  4. Decay
  5. Eternal

Bleed” by Dreameater is out now via Famined Records

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