Month: September 2020

Playthrough: “Revival” from Scarlet Dress!

Scarlet Dress multi instrumentalist Sushant Vohra has given us a preview of forthcoming works from the band with an guitar playthrough video for a new single entitled “Revival“. The track is available over at bandcamp in instrumental format and marks the Indian and US Progressive Metalcore outfit’s first work since February 2019’s “Endless“.

NEWS: Subliminal messaging from The Ghost Inside?

“Allow me to apologize because I can’t see the world, Through someone else’s eyes, These trying times don’t last forever, So I’m all in now because it’s now or never” do we need Epitaph Records to remind us how good the self titled record for Hardcore returners The Ghost Inside is? They must think we

Interview: Around The Breakdown in 30 days with Hatebreed!

How many breakdowns does it take to need a whole fleet of tow trucks? Jamey Jasta and Wayne Lozinak talk to label Nuclear Blast about writing and incredible 40 breakdowns in 30 days for the upcoming Hatebreed eighth studio record “Weight Of The False Self” in this new interview clip! All you need to know

Bootleg: Necrophobic at Wacken!

Why are we giving you a set from Stockholm Blackened Death Metallers Necrophobic at Wacken in 2019? Not only is this pro-shot full set at the Bullhead City Circus stage a high grade explosive show including “Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness“, “Mark of the Necrogram” and “Revelation 666” but it’s a fine forerunner for

NEWS: Hautajaisyö play Lemmings with “Kuolonkantaja”!

Finnish Death Metal band Hautajaisyö are set to release their third studio album “On Vain Pimeys” on 13th November via Inverse Records and have shared a new single  “Kuolonkantaja” (or “Death Bearer“) with pre-orders available here. Minttu Harju is the man who created the cover art that accompanies the piece, depicting human lemmings… Vocalist Janne Partanen comments:

NEWS: Fit For A King reschedule Europe for October 2021!

It should come as no surprise but as has happened more last minute than most… Solid State Records signings Fit For A King have announced that the European leg of their “Dark Skies” tour has been rescheduled. It moves back by 12 months from October 2020 to October 2021 and may see new support acts,

Documentary: Omnivortex “Diagrams of Consciousness” studio works #1!

Rewinding the clock back to February, Omnivortex have shared a clip of sticksman Aaro Koskinen drum tracking for their upcoming 20th November slated debut album “Diagrams of Consciousness“. Their project was born from a jam session in Helsinki, Finland in early 2019 and now claims a Progressive Blackened Death Metal style as their own. Pre-orders

Documentary: Toothless Van Tour!

Back in May we reviewed tbe third studio EP “Misinformed” from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvanians Toothless, a band who found their footing in 2015 and called it “an explosion in triplicate” as they took influence from the likes of The Chariot, Everytime I Die, and The Dillinger Escape Plan and created something special. A month before lockdown they only

Review: “Consumed by Black Thoughts” by Foul Body Autopsy

“I have written this EP from my own perspective of living with a mental illness. I often find that mental illness tends to be romanticized by the media and vapid celebrities who seem to think it’s an interesting personality accessory. I wanted to talk about living with mental illness from a human perspective, not as