Exclusive Interview: Rebelmatic talk “Ghost In The Shadows”!

We were granted an audience with Rebelmatic vocalist Creature, whose lyrics on the bands new album “Ghost In The Shadows” collectively form an ode to life in New York City, the place that they call home, the album title provided by Creature’s daughter, who after seeing her shadow and replying “Daddy, Daddy there is a Ghost in the Shadows”.

How has the reaction been to “Ghost In The Shadows“? There must be a sense of great pride there having been a band since 2008? This is actually our fifth release and our third full length album. Our first full length on Red Right recordings. We are very proud of this album. So far the reaction has been excellent. We appreciate all of the love.

Do you feel that as a group, having a wealth of experience in different styles of music has made for a more diverse release? What are your personal favourite parts of the “Ghost in the Shadows” album? Yes, I do think that since we are very versed and eclectic in our musical styling and background. It bleeds into our music and displays the diversity. I love the whole album, but my favorite song because of the message and what it represents would be “Born To Win”.

The “Insult to Injury” video is a particularly powerful piece. What was it like working with director Anthony Natoli and do you feel his vision matched your own in getting the message across? It was great working with Anthony. I told him the concept I had in my head for the video, we went over it and he brought it to life. He did a really great job capturing the feeling we wanted to portray and we are proud of the reaction it has received.

How important was it to sign with Red Right Recordings, founded by Taking Back Sunday drummer  Mark O’Connell and producer Daniel Wallace in terms of getting this new record heard? Were you nervous about being the first band signed to the label? I think it helps tremendously,  they really get what we do and have our back. It takes a team effort to get the music to as many people as possible. I think they have the same vision as the band in doing that. We are making history being the first band to sign to their label. We all want this album to be successful so we are pushing it hard. Not nervous, just excited to be the flagship artist on a new label. 

Charity and Community work are both part of the lives that you lead and you recently announced your support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund. How do you feel that impacts on the music you make? Are the things that you witness as part of that work a real lyrical driver? We are a band of the people that are affected the most by what goes on in America directly. I think to be of a certain  level of consciousness it all seeps into our music and our lyrics. Honestly, lyrically I am just wired to write how I write. Our music is always created organically

Who are your Hardcore Heroes? Who would you like to go on a European tour run with and why? Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Breakdown, Sick of it all, Warzone,  are some of my favorites just off the top of my head. On a European tour? Maafa, Fear is Dead, Turnstile and Higher Power

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