NEWS: Foul Body Autopsy return with “My Liberation In Death”!

Mixed and mastered by the legendary Russ Russell (AmorphisAt The GatesDimmu Borgir) and adorned with the stunning artwork of Dan Goldsworthy (AcceptCradle Of FilthForged In Black) a new EP from Foul Body Autopsy entitled “Consumed By Black Thoughts” will drop on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020. For those not in the know, Foul Body Autopsy is the Death Metal solo project of multi instrumentalist Tom Reynolds, who already has been delivering the machine gun riffs since 2010. The first tease comes in the form of “My Liberation In Death“, cut from the six track affair for which pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Tom Reynolds explains:“I have written this EP from my own perspective of living with a mental illness. I often find that mental illness tends to be romanticized by the media and vapid celebrities who seem to think it’s an interesting personality accessory. I wanted to talk about living with mental illness from a human perspective, not as a way to glean sympathy or to feel sorry for myself but to just tell the truth. Living with an untreated mental illness is fucking horrible! I can’t say at any point it has been romantic! Though I have gone through treatment and I am on psychoactive medication it still affects my life from time to time. Obviously, things are much better than they have been in years but this is something I am probably never going shake off completely.”

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