NEWS: Main-De-Gloire unmask reality?

Last week saw Belarusian natives Main-De-Gloire unveil “This Is Reality” and while they self describe as Post-Hardcore, to our minds that is in the loosest possible terms with a some Asking Alexandria influences bleeding out. They’ve chosen “Killer’s Face” from the album for a lyric video so we hope they haven’t missed a trick and will drop a full on horror themed music video for it on Halloween…

The band comment: “The group did all the work on creating music, recording and producing, visual design and shooting clips independently (members of NICKO GLOIRE and GLEB ΛEVE). When creating the album, we were inspired by films by Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan, motives by Hans Zimmer, paintings by the artist Hans Giger (fantastic realism) and Peppa pig. The album featured musicians from the USA (New York, Nashville, Tennessee), Morocco, Mexico, Romania, Norway, Cyprus, Russia which added uniqueness and flavor from each country. We organically combined: post-hardcore and synth-pop, cinematic orchestra and modern metal, wild scream and acoustic sound. Unlike many bands of the genre (which use the same sound on the album), we created each track from scratch, did not use templates, so all the works are not similar to each other and are unique in many ways

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