The Black Map #125: After Smoke Clears from London!

There isn’t smoke without fire and those flames rise from a furnace in the case of London quartet After Smoke Clears. A band who love to bend Tech and Groove elements together, they have crafted 10 new tracks, carved unapologetically from stone and are set to drop them on our unexpecting skulls on 12th November 2020 in the form of their debut album “Edification“. Preceded by a quartet of singles that have surpassed 30k worth of Spotify streams, surpassing anything on their debut 2019 EP “Disillusion” ten fold. Put simply, the album is said to be a monster and on the evidence of its four preceding singles, that statement is justified. Lyrically following a harrowing tale of destruction that leads to self realization as the black clouds are dispersed in relentless fashion. The band will join From Once We Came and Derange in putting the lockdown behind them on 10th February at London’s Islington O2 Academy with pre-orders for the album available here.

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