Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spiritbox.

When husband and wife duo guitarist Mike Stringer and vocalist Courtney LaPlante exited stage left from American Metalcore act Iwrestledabearonce in 2016 citing feeling worn down as replacement people in the band, it effectively signaled the end for guitarist Steven Bradley’s project after 8 years. The duo however wouldn’t be out of the game very long, capturing everyone’s imagination with a new project entitled Spiritbox. Switching genres, the Canadian Progressive Metal band has impressed not only with cuts like “Holy Roller” but also on tours with the likes of After The Burial

…So to today’s head to head and a pair of vocal covers from ladies that have prowess. In the Red corner, first up we haveĀ Christina Rotondo, who took on “Blessed Be” in some style and is know for her reinterpretations of Progressive Metal classics in acoustic moods. In the Blue corner we have Elizabeth “Eissa” Zhovnerchuk from Danish Progressive Metallers Morphide, who spent a serious amount of time during lockdown season working her way through Metal tracks with female vocalists and testing her skills against their own for our viewing pleasure. Who wins? You decide!

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