NEWS: Shokran remake “Halloween” theme!

John Carpenter’s Halloween is an all time classic in the slasher film genre and gave Jamie Lee Curtis her film debut in 1978 and with the announcement that two sequels to the 2018 remake titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are set for October 2021 and 2022 respectively, it seems that Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran have make their case to be included on one of the film scores with a remake of the theme music.

The band comment: “Ever wonder what the Halloween theme would sound like if it was played by a progressive metal band? Let’s find out! Being the fans of Halloween franchise, we couldn’t stay still after the news about rescheduling the new chapter. So we decided: If they are not releasing their video in the cinema, we will release ours! There’s not much better than a video of Michael Myers shredding a riff and long-awaited cameo of the Prog Cat.

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