Throwback: “Sweet Oblivion” by The Deadlights!

Back in the year 2000 Long Beach California Nu-Metal outfit The Deadlights were a regular on the second stage at the Ozzfest annual festival tour and appeared with the likes of Kittie, Disturbed, Slaves on Dope and Primer55, their self titled debut album landing via Elektra Entertainment the February before hand. Taking their name from the writhing radiant orange lights that are both mystifying but deadly and a recurring plot element in the works of horror writer Stephen King, the quartet got together in 1998 with the post-grunge and creepy elements in a similar vein to Nothingface got them plenty of attention. Two music videos for “Junk” and “Sweet Oblivion” appeared before the band folded after just two years together in 2001 due to factors beyond their control, frontman and guitarist Wilfred “Duke” Collins going on to play bass in Droid for a two year stint between 2005 and 2007. Sadly he passed away on 21st March 2015 in Huntington Beach, California. You may also know bassist Jerry Montano who went on to have a pair of stints in Nothingface before joining up with supergroup Hell Yeah (Mudvayne, Pantera, Nothingface). He recorded on the bands debut record but at the release party after making drunken gun-threats towards fellow former Nothingface member Tom Maxwell, he was shown the door. So here’s “Sweet Oblivion” by The Deadlights, may Duke Collins rest in peace.

Peace to Jim, Jerry and Billy, and much respect goes out to them and whatever they do. As for me, I would like to finally thank all you fans who stuck by us, and continue to show your support for what we were trying to do. It’s unfortunate that conditions that we had to face as a band made it impossible for us to keep making music together, but oh well, f*** everyone. As for s*** talkers, you can all suck a fat d***. I never gave a f*** about being a rock star, I just wanted to f*** s*** up any way I could and will continue to do that. Besides, jealousy will get you nowhere. The real sick motherf***ers know who you are. I’m putting together a new thing, which like everything I’ve ever done, will be a progression of what I’ve always been trying to do, which is f*** with your heads any way I can. We all know the record business sucks, but you can’t kill what’s already dead. DEADLIGHTS rule.” ~ Wilfred “Duke” Collins

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