Throwback: “The Price Of Reality” by Amen!

Known for a chaotic live show that had the potential for injury to be sustained at any point with frontman Casey Chaos leaping from pretty much any elevated object within reach, Amen are a band who have a reputation that far outweighs their commercial success. Four studio albums and a couple of rarities collections, multiple label issues and switches, more band former band members than you can count and the majority of that coming between 1994 and 2004, it was bedlam for a while. That being said, in the eye of the storm that surrounded the American Hardcore Punks, there are some cracking tunes. Including “The Price Of Reality” from their year 2000 second major label outing “We Have Come For Your Parents“. An appearance at KnotFest in 2014 suggested resurrection was about to happen after an extended hiatus but with Casey Chaos, you never can tell…

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