Throwback: “Tribe” by Mad Capsule Markets!

Back in 1999 as Pitchshifter were riding high on the huge success of single “Genius” from their “” record and The Prodigy were bringing Metal riffs into Industrial tracks like “Breathe”, a band appeared seemingly out of nowhere blending Industrial noise and electronic beats with… Well a vast array of other influences. On “OSC-DIS (Oscillator in Distortion) “, the killer single from Mad Capsule Markets was “Tribe“, an industrial beat driven track with Soulfly riffs and gutteral roars but the album also has moments of surf punk buried underneath waves of white noise sounds. Total madness, highly infectious and completely Japanese! Vocalist Hiroshi Kyono, bassist and programmer Takeshi Ueda and percussionist Motokatsu Miyagami dropped an incredible ten studio records between 1985 and 2006 with “OSC-DIS” getting international acclaim and getting single “Pulse” into the sound track of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3!

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