Throwback: “Regenerate” from Monuments!

At a time when it feels like every seminal album is reaching an anniversary milestone, the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of “Gnosis” from Monuments could feel like just another birthday as we fast reach saturation point. Except it doesn’t and we haven’t because these are the albums we grew up with, p***ed our neighbors or parents or people we drove past by blasting the s*** out of the record until the CD was just a scratched up worthless piece of plastic and we had to go out and buy that fecker again.

Produced by guitarist and founding member John Browne, the DJentlemen’s debut album dropped via Century Media in 2012 with “Regenerate” and “97% Static” released as singles given the full music video treatment. As any long time fan of the band will know, Monuments early tours featured performances of different versions of the songs that appear on the album as original vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope wrote lyrics however both men exited stage left a year before the albums release. Matt Rose was recruited in place of the duo and had to re-write all of the lyrics previously written with only digital single “Memoirs” featuring the originals. Rose would later depart to be replaced by Chris Barretto and the rest is history. We’ve chosen the lyrical title track of the album in “Regenerate” for this celebration as “We have glimpsed a new aporia in the moon light of our gnosis but no sick world can grow, Its black and white evolve – dreams are like disease no wars just regenerate”

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