Review: “You Hate To See It” by Gutcheck

Just how important can a guest appearance be? The answer to that one is very. If you can get one of your heroes, someone who you respect and admire to drop a guest vocal on one of your tracks, it can ignite a fire under your career and get you some serious attention. Providing you’ve got the material back it up, then then that’s a flame which can turn into a roaring fire, given the right other factors. A fine example of that occurred back in 2016 when Miami Florida Metallic Hardcore crew Gutcheck tapped in Travis Tabron from Varials for their single “American Me” and the hype around Varials at the time brought Gutcheck to our ear drums.

Fast forward four years and Gutcheck have relocated to Atlanta Georgia and set our World ablaze with their 2018 record “Exodus“. This time out they have a distinctive Metal edge with whammy bar drops introducing the powerhouse “Silver Medals” which is the title track lyrically. Playing off the savage bulldog barks against the shriller backing vocals gives the band a Biohazard vibe before the clunky “Say It With Your Chest” bounces in with a 90s Hardcore vibe, slow crawl bassline and in out riff breaks. Menacing and dirty it continues into “Social Pariah” which develops the same idea and takes it a bit further with chunky downtempo riffs. The pickup comes with previously released single “iMatter” which changes the tempo while building the dynamic to give the spin kickers who have aged a little bit more opportunity in the pit [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Silver Medals
  2. Say It With Your Chest
  3. Social Pariah
  4. iMatter

You Hate To See It” by Gutcheck is out now

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