NEWS: Enforced continue the torture with “Malignance”!

As the “Kill Grid” closes in on Virginia crossover act Enforced, who inked a deal with Century Media for the album to drop on 12th March via the label,  enlisted long-time friend and studio maven Bob Quirk (Iron Reagan) to engineer, as well as Philadelphia-based studio whiz Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Road Mutant) to mix and master. They’ve offered another teaser with “Malignance” following “Hemorrhage” out of the gate like a Dungeon Whippit.

Vocalist Knox Colby explains: “’Malignance’ is about being on the wrong side of history, being led down the path of an ideology built on hatred and violence, only to end up with a bullet in your stomach. The lyrics about-face towards the end of the song and try to shake you out of it. Wake up, get a grip, understand and accept that you’re wrong. The chorus was inspired by a World War 2 prisoner-of-war torture tactic I read about. Soldiers who were captured were forced to smell the bodies of their friends and comrades, which became this strange introspective psychological torture that fit the narrative I was writing.”

Guitarist Will Wagstaff dives deeper into the music: “This song has an older Slayer type of vibe to me, maybe ‘Show No Mercy’/’Haunt the Chapel’ era. This is a pure crossover song, ala Exodus/early Testament/Slayer. We knew we wanted to keep it fast for most of the song and it ended up coming together organically during a practice.”

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