NEWS: Betwitcher unveil “Mystifier (White Night City)”!

When one finds themselves at the proverbial crossroads – face to face with the Devil himself – who wouldn’t choose the left hand path? Evil is too enticing, too strong and Hell has the best music anyway. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, heavy metal mongrels Bewitcher made their pact with Lucifer years ago, and have been walking the dark path ever since. “Mystifier (White Night City)”, is the second single taken from their upcoming their studio album, “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”, with the tomb stone engraved with 16th April 2021.

M. von Bewitcher (vox & guitars) comments: “Abundant with New Wave Of Black Heavy Metal inspiration, colourful guitar work and lyrics steeped in historical legend, this track sees the band adding some melody to the mysticism. Dark forces rise when an imposing figure in black with a taste for wine and women comes to power. And when he falls, he brings the world around him down as well…

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