The Black Map #147: Majin from Southampton!

From last week’s Manchester Thrash trio Beyond Salvation we head to the south coast to talk about Nu-Metalcore merchants Majin. A band who had an incredible 2020, despite lockdown by building their name and reputation with some Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore singles in follow up to their debut EP “Warpath” and a surprise KoRn cover. For that they chose “Freak On A Leash” from the Bakersfield California Nu-Metal giants, which no doubt will go down incredibly well when they are finally able to take it to the stage. As if that wasn’t enough, they also announced Gregor MacMillan of London Progressive Metalcore act Derelict as a second vocalist and talked about the massive impact of Cyberpunk 2077, inking a new track entitled “Night City Drift” with that inspiration. Keep them peepers peeled, this fresh band are ones to watch.

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