Exclusive Interview: Everture talk “Emerge” and the desire to open shows for Trivium!

A rising force in Finnish Metal blending elements of modern Metalcore with Melodic Death Metal, Everture found a way to complete their debut album “Emerge” despite the hinderances of the Great Plague and we salute them for that as they have given us a fabulous piece of work. We spoke to the quintet about all that has happened so far as well as their future plans after they spent almost four years building up to this point in this exclusive interview…

How have you found the reaction to “Emerge” so far? Is it a relief to have it finally out after the pandemic delayed the guitar tracking sessions? “For the most part it’s been what we expected but maybe the amount of positive comments surprised us. People seem to like the album as a whole and we also get compliments of pretty much each individual song. We definitely got some delays while making the album. Concerning the guitar tracking some of the delays were on our end, very little because of pandemic and mostly because of other reasons that we won’t go too deep with. The pandemic affects us now more when we have stuff released and should promote and do gigs.” 

You’ve had three single releases in “The River Flows“, “Undersky” and “Long Way Down” which achieved over 900k of Spotify streams before the album release. How much has hat support meant to you as a band? Do you feel that those statistics have or will open doors for you going forward in terms of getting better support slots for gigs and so on? “Absolutely helped us big time when we released “Long Way Down” and it skyrocketed. It paved the way for the 4 album singles and also bought us much needed time which went into making the album. Subsequently the album singles widened our audience spectrum even more and let people now that we’re still here and better than ever. Many doors are opening now because we played our cards well, so to say. And it makes us happy that it results in people getting to hear our music”

Your first demo was “For Tomorrow” which was originally released during the summer of 2017; with the album coming out in 2021, did you ever think about not including it on it with developments in the bands style and so on? As a song, how important has it been for you? “It’s the kind of a true fans favourite of ours. The song needed some polishing here and there but we didn’t want to change it too much. It felt that it strongly belongs to the album and if we were ever going to release a proper version of it, it’s gotta be now because of the ongoing style development. It’s an important song to us because even though you can hear that the composition and lyrics are clearly of an early period, it’s apparent that this is where our style began forming. Our sound has evolved for the better and it’s partly because of this song. Most of the early days songs can’t compete with this one.

In our review of the record we’ve mentioned the Gothenburg sound and Everture having material that falls between Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with Progressive Metalcore elements; which bands were the inspirations behind formulating the bands sound? In Flames, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Bring Me The Horizon to mention a few. But there are very few moments in our catalog you can actually pinpoint as a clear influence. Also the list is much longer and it all gets very hazy when you start thinking about it. We all have very different taste in music but we also share many favourites between all the members. That’s a very happy coincidence! We mostly listen to all kind of metal.

My 52 Shades” is a piece of brilliance with that cathartic melancholic and almost mournful opening half before the rampaging onslaught of the second half. How did the idea for that come about and how much did you invest in getting the transition between those two sides of the same coin so smooth? Making this song is one of the weirdest experiences in my life. It was a straight 17 hours of working. I didn’t eat or take breaks. It was supposed to be a calm song and maybe a bit more capturing towards the end. But then the feeling of that I’ve not given my everything came and somehow I knew this song has to be bigger. At first I feared the transition from 02:27 is gonna be a pretentious and weak but it turned out well. Takes you to “the zone”. This song has a lighter and heavier sides but the musical themes are pretty much the same. I think that’s why the song feels so coherent even though there’s basically a whole riffing section in the middle aka. “the zone””.  -Matti Hautakangas, guitars

When you are able to play shows again, which countries are you most looking forwards to visiting and which bands would you like to go out with? All the countries! Germany is a certain one for sure. Russians live with big heart. Then how about a South American tour? When it comes to bands the most important thing is people chemistry. We want to work with bands that can do their job and treat other bands nicely. It would be great to open shows for some big bands like Parkway Drive or Trivium. More realistically a tour let’s say with the Finnish band Arion would be nice. Or maybe Horizon Ignited

Emerge” by Everture was released on 19th March 2021 via Inverse Records and is available over at bandcamp

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