NEWS: Cryptosis transcend death?

Dutch trio Cryptosis are about to unleash the end product of a total re-imagining of the sound the began with as Thrash mob Distillator when they first started creating together. Their debut album for Century Media entitled “Bionic Swarm” is set for 26th March and sees the band evolving into a hybrid beast with influence from Rush to Dimmu Borgir to create an album that blends elements from the Progressive to Symphonic and Death Metal. To prove that point, here’s another single cut from the album in “Death Technology” that should entice you into their matrix…

The band comment: “For decades, people have tried to store their deceased bodies using low-temperature freezing techniques. This song is about a person who wakes up from cryosleep in the year 2149 and realises he is being detained and used as a test subject in a secret lab. The lyrics describe a technology that is very advanced and complex seen through the eyes of the test subject.The music is a reflection of that intricate technology. The riffs are built in a technical and extremely fast paced style. Whereas the structure of the song is built in the opposite direction, resembling the old yet simple world that this person is coming from.

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