NEWS: Varmia unveil “Ten Blask Co Po Nim Śmierć”!

Ahead of the release of their third album “bal Lada” via M-Theory Audio on 12th March, Polish pagan black metal group Varmia have unveiled the music video for their latest single, “Ten Blask Co Po Nim Śmierć” (or “the gleam and then death”). It comes accompanied by a conceptual video depicting a compelling visual tale of a Polish villager roaming through the forest in an attempt to heal his ailing lover and was shot in the band’s native region of Warmia in northern Poland.

We have been awaiting this moment for over two years now,” explains singer/guitarist Lasota. “When we started shooting this music video nobody realized that it will take so much time. So many things changed in that period. First of all, we never thought that the content of that picture will be so… prophetic. The script was written long before anybody used the term Covid or pandemic. Yet here we are. The times have put a new interpretation to our piece. Funny how the world powers can manipulate your original intentions. Keep your eyes wide open when staring straight into the gleam… and then death. This massive production wouldn’t be possible if not for the co-operation with our friend, DOP, co-writer and co-producer Łukasz Gracz.

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