Throwback: “The Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess” by From Autumn To Ashes!

Back in 2001, Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz entered Zing Studios in Westfield Massachusetts for eight days with Long Island New York Post Hardcore quintet From Autumn To Ashes to record their debut album and first release for Ferret Records, having been signed by the label after founder Carl Severson (also of Nora) saw them performing live. The album “Too Bad You’re Beautiful” was released to critical acclaim and goes down in history as one of the labels biggest selling records. Based around a relationship that Benjamin PerriĀ had, “The Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess” was chosen for the full music video treatment and with drummer Francis Mark providing clean vocals they oddly drew comparisons with Atreyu, who had the same setup despite making a completely different subgenre of Metal…

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