Throwback: “Vortex Omnivium” from Obscura!

Recorded at Woodshed Studio in Landshut Germany between June and October 2010 for a March 2011 release via Relapse Records, “Omnivium” by German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura has reached the decade of destruction milestone in 2021. Assisted by engineer Victor Bullok, also know as V. Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon) who produced, mixed and mastered, the well received affair and the foundation of what the band are today was written over a two year period with Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Christian Münzner, Hannes Grossmann and Steffen Kummerer writing parts for songs and sending them to each other over the internet as they developed them. Lyrically, Kummerer was inspired by Friedrich Schelling’s “On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World” and themed the album around religion and the evolution of humankind…

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