Throwback: “Do What I Say” by Clawfinger!

Norwegian and Swedish Rap Metallers Clawfinger came to the fore as a band that used anti-racist and politically aware lyrics to push the envelope of their message to fans. Seven studio albums between 1993 and 2007 brought the still active band around the World. Sixth single “Do As I Say” famously uses the voice of a small by to contrast Zak Tell’s trademark barked spoken word and the guitar stabbings of Bård Torstensen. Having shared stages with Anthrax and Alice In Chains, Clawfinger wrote the album the single came from in just 7 weeks in ’95. Entitled “Use Your Brain”, it has something of an iconic album cover. The brain is the base of a hand grenade with a pin ready to pull, also a reference to single “Pin Me Down”, while the album title encouraged fans to stop and think before acting. A Ministry influence in the music? Maybe….

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